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Ispat Industries believes that it affects and is affected by the stakeholders that live in the vicinity of its plants. Hence, it believes that it has a major stake in the development of the area and the people that reside therein. Ispat's perspective on corporate citizenship is based on the principle, "If you give a man a fish, you give him a meal; if you teach him to fish, you give him a livelihood." This axiom extends to include providing opportunities to the disadvantaged section. As a part of its community initiatives, we engages in numerous philanthropic activities that are built around the motto, "Adding a bit of steel to human lives".
List of the payments proposed to operational creditors under the resolution plan
Notice to workmen Employee dated 01.05.2023
NCLT Order dated 27.04.2023 approving the Resolution Plan
Quotation of Job Work Dated 02.01.2023
Form-G Dated 01.06.2022
Eligibility Criteria June-2022
Process Memorandum Jun-2022
NCLT Order Dated 24.05.2022
Public announcement of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
GPITL-Update claim file as on 30.06.2022
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees) (V.6.5)
List of Operational Creditors other than workmen & Employees (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees by Authorized Representative) (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Financial Creditor Summary (V.6.5)
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