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Ispat Industries believes that it affects and is affected by the stakeholders that live in the vicinity of its plants. Hence, it believes that it has a major stake in the development of the area and the people that reside therein. Ispat's perspective on corporate citizenship is based on the principle, "If you give a man a fish, you give him a meal; if you teach him to fish, you give him a livelihood." This axiom extends to include providing opportunities to the disadvantaged section. As a part of its community initiatives, we engages in numerous philanthropic activities that are built around the motto, "Adding a bit of steel to human lives".
Quotation of Job Work Dated 02.01.2023
Form-G Dated 01.06.2022
Eligibility Criteria June-2022
Process Memorandum Jun-2022
NCLT Order Dated 24.05.2022
Public announcement of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
GPITL-Update claim file as on 30.06.2022
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees) (V.6.5)
List of Operational Creditors other than workmen & Employees (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees by Authorized Representative) (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Financial Creditor Summary (V.6.5)
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