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Our Most Admirable Assets Are Our Employees - 'Few And Precious'

GPI Textiles Limited (GPITL) is one of the leading yarn producers in India, a corporate powerhouse with operations in Textiles, but emphasizing on maximum flexibility in our products. We are catering almost all the sectors of yarn manufacturing like Cotton, Polyester, P/C blends, Bamboo, Modal, Milange, Multifold yarns and Organic yarns.

GPI’s plant at Nalagarh, about 60 km from Chandigarh, employs a total of 1200 people and is the leader in quality yarn. The company's core competency is the production of high quality yarn, for which it employs cutting edge technologies and stringent quality standards.

GPI is a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and an equal opportunity corporation. An employer of choice, GPI attracts and retains the very best of professionals. GPI is the chosen corporate among the most experienced and talented business managers of today. GPI offers the most challenging work environment amongst the industry. To work with GPI is like dream come true, because it takes care of the all round growth of its most valuable assets i.e. its employees by providing opportunity to develop themselves by providing training (it may be in-house or outside faculty).

The company also assists its employees for improving their qualifications through various schemes

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