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“We at GPI Textiles Limited, Nalagarh are committed to deliver the yarn meeting customer requirements and continually enhance the effectiveness of quality management system through training of personnel, cost reduction and enhancement of customer satisfaction”
Unit Head


To be quality conscious, cost effective & customer oriented employees organization through various initiatives adopted by organization like Six Sigma, Gemba Kaizen, 5S, TQM, TPM & CRM. Our focus is to delight our customers through relentless efforts to meet their expectations. All these initiatives have become a part of our culture. Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps us focus on developing & delivering products with near zero defects.

Gemba Kaizen helps us in continual improvement in our work place through team work.

CRM & ICRM emphasizes on improvement in our external and internal customer relationship.

5S insists on principle that everything should be on its place and there should be a proper place for everything.

These initiatives are changing the nucleus of GPI. It is now the way we work, the way we think in everything we do it in every product we design.

Public announcement of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees) (V.6.5)
List of Operational Creditors other than workmen & Employees (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees by Authorized Representative) (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Financial Creditor Summary (V.6.5)
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