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Textile is an industry fulfilling one of the three most basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) of humanity - Clothing. In this sense it is not only a business but a social responsibility. In sheer commercial terms also it happens to be one of the biggest in the world and specially in India and thus it has immense possibilities. We at GPI Textiles are committed towards the industry and have our focus on People, Technology and Environment. We are a people oriented organization keeping our customers, employees and vendors happy and satisfied by treating them fairly. We understand that technology is constantly changing and improving and we keep ourselves updated and use the latest in terms of technology. We also ensure that our environment is protected and none of our activities do any harm to our surroundings.


Public announcement of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees) (V.6.5)
List of Operational Creditors other than workmen & Employees (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Operational Creditors (Workmen & Employees by Authorized Representative) (V.6.5)
List of Claims of Financial Creditor Summary (V.6.5)
Request for Resolution Plan
Eligibility Criteria
Format for Submission of EOI
Evaluation Matrix Format
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