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Technology has been our passion. The latest machinery from the best in the world is wihat we are equipped with.
Blow room line from Trutzschler, Germany has microprocessor controlled blendomat BDT-019 bale opening system with AFC, MPM, Dust Extractor and unique CNT-3 for removal of finest impurities from cotton. Manpower is also employed to hand pick impurities, foreign matter & contamination from raw cotton.  
Carding machines model DK-760 & DK-803 from Trutzschler, Germany with auto leveling & web clean system.
Draw Frame is latest high performance auto-leveler RSB-951 & D-30 from Rieter, Switzerland, enabling us to achieve Count CV% even below 5% Uster statistics.
Comber model CM-100 from Toyoda, Japan fed by Super lap former model TS-100 from Toyoda.
FL series Speed Frames model FL-16 and FL-100 from Toyoda, Japan with suspended flyers inverter drive and automatic tension control device producing best quality roving with zero breakage.  
Ring Frame model RX 220 and RX 240 from Toyoda Japan equipped with auto doffers to avoid contamination due to manual handling of quality yarns. Auto Doffing also enables us to maintain our spindles and so achieving worlds best 1.5% to 2.5% breakage rate at Ring frame.
Auto Coner model 7-V BT/1k, 7-V BT/2k and 7-V SS BT/1k from Murata Japan equipped with latest LOEPFE 800 & 900 (foreign fibre detection) electronic yarn clearers. Autoconers are also equipped with Central bobbin feeding system (CBF) to avoid contamination due to manual handling. All the Autoconers are connected with Mill Master Systems to check & control objectionable classified faults at one place.
TFO latest Model No. 363 from Murata, Japan fed by double winder model No. 23 from Murata equipped with Length Measuring Device.
Fully automatic rotor spinning machines model R1 from Rieter, Switzerland. Equipped with Syncro-top technology production of high quality denim yarns, fine weaving yarns and soft knitting yarns, which result in high efficiency at weaving and knitting stage. This machine is also equipped with yarn clearers and length measuring device, as well as online Uster unevenness, thick, thin, neps and classimat monitoring of each & every rotor is possible.
SIEGER Yarn Conditioner with strong vacuuming and steaming at required temperature gives uniform moisture content, increased yarn strength and elongation and low friction values enable the Knitters and weavers to achieve greater efficiency with unsurpassed performance
14.2 MW power plant from Wartsila Finland and France to meet power requirements of the entire unit as an additional source of Power Supply along with state board power connection.  

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